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Download Relationship Quotes August 2020

          Best Relationship Status

        In life, it is not important to hold
                 All the good relations.
        But it is more important how good,
          You behave with the relations
                     Which you hold.

                            A  True 
                      People refusing
                           To give up
                        On each other.

                         Thank you....
                    For staying even,
        If you had every reason to leave
                          Thank you....
                    Making it easier,
                  When life gets hard.

                      In the end there
                 Doesn't have to be anyone 
                    Who understands you.
                     There just has to be
                   Someone who wants to.

                    Have a relationship
               That is mature enough to
                   Sit down and be like
                Look this is our problem
                 And this is how we are
                      Gonna to fix it...

                Immature love says, 
                        I love you
                Because I need you...
                    Mature love says,
                       I need you
               Because I love you...

                      is a commitment to
                protecting another person
                      Heart with the 
                some passsion you 
                 use to guard your own.

       You have to recognize that there
              Cannot be relationships
          Unless there is a commitment,
              Unless there is a loyalty,
                  Unless there is love,

                     relationship is
               When you fight like a 
                    married couple
                       and talk like 
                       a best friend

.                 Relationship status,
        Reserved for the one who deserves.

                 The best relationship
                     Usually begin

                 You were so focused on
                 Someone you never had,. 
                 That you lost someone
                      Who was always 
                         there for you..

               The real power of a man is
                      In the size of the 
                         smile of the 
                     Woman sitting 
                        next to him.


                     When I text you,
                   It means I miss you.
                 When I don't text you, 
                 It means i am waiting 
                           for you 
                      to miss me....

                 I have a man who........
          Loves me without restrictions,
                Trust me  without fear,
           Wants me without demand,
                     And finally,
             Accept me for who I am...


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