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Download Positive Quotes September 2020

          Best Positive Quotes 2020

 Let a resentment go
Take better care of yourself
Appreciate someone you love
Focus on the good

You do not find
The happy life,
You make it!!!

I will not be another flower,
Picked fory beauty, and left
To die.
I will be wild,
Difficult to find,
Impossible to forget!!!!

The key to 
Being happy
Is knowing you have the power
To choose what to accept
What to let go!!!

If you really want to something
You will find a way,
If you don't
You will find an excuse

Life changes very quickly,
In a very positive way,
If you let it!!!

Magic is believing in yourself
If you can make that happen,
You can make anything happen.

Believe in yourself
You will be unstoppable

One Day
Day One
You decided!!!

Everyone has inside them
 a piece of good news
The good news is you dont

Be Strong;
Be Fearless;
Be Beautiful;
Believe that
Anything is possible
When you have the right people
There to support you

You are a Diamond
That can't 
Break you.

Positive Mind;
Positive Vibes;
Positive Life;

When it rains, it pours;
But soon
The Sun shines again!!!
Stay Positive.
Better days are on their way.

Without Rain
Nothing Grows,
Learn to Embrace
The Storms of your Life

Accept What is,
Let go
Of what was, and have
Faith in what will be

Surround Yourself
Positive People

Your hardest times often
Lead to the greatest
Moments in your life.
Keep the faith,
It will all be worth it
In the end

Don't wait for
Everything to be perfect
Before you decide
To enjoy your life

Your body hears
Mind says
Stay Positive!!!

A Positive attitude 
causes a chain
Reaction of positive 
Events and outcomes.
It is a catalyst 
And it Sparks
Extraordinary results



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