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Download Brother Quotes August 2020

Best Brother Quotes 2020

              If you have nothing on life,
                  But a loving brother.
                      You are rich!!!.

                              A person
                            who is there 
                       When you need him;
                  Someone who picks up 
                         When you fall;
             A person who sticks up for you
                      When no one else will,
                A Brother is always a Friend!!!;

                        A Brother...
                     Sees you at your best,
                     Sees you at your worst,
                     Sees you come last,
                     Sees you come first,
                     Sees your lows,
                     Sees your highs,
                    But through all of this,
                      He always stand by.....

                 Brothers are like rainbows.
                   They brighten your life 
               After you have been through
                           A storm

               The Greatest gifts, 
             My parents ever give me 
               we're My Brothers

              Dear Brother,

         Your are the most special 
           Man in my life..!!!
                 Your sister.

 Yes. He tease me sometime.
Yes. He pull my hair sometime.
Yes. He fights with me sometime
Yes. He annoys me sometime
Yes. He cares for me all time.
Yes. He protects me all time.
Yes. He helps me all time.
Yes. He loves me more than any girl.

Yes..He is my brother!!!!..

       A Brother can love like a Father
            Sister care like a Mother.
        Mother support like a Friend.

              Locker for my all secret.
          Bodyguard for my problems.
            Power bank of my energy.
                Protector of my smile
                     Hater of my tear.
                   My favorite forever, 
                    Love you Brother!!!

       are what best friends can never be.

You are the lovely brother
I have adored since I was small,
And For me the day you left us.
Was the saddest time after all.

But all the memories that we shared
From you were a boy
Have only ever filled my heart
With happiness and joy!!

You grewed up and I prove to be
A man both fair and true
And everyday throughout my life.
I will think of you!!!


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