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Download Beautiful Quotes August 2020

                 Best Beautiful Quotes 

           Quality is the best business plan.

                     Try to be a rainbow
                         In someone's 

                         cannot survive 
                            only one  

              Love is an invisible thread,
             That ties two hearts together

            Beauty is an expression


                  As we approach
       Another new year together,
      No one has ever made me feel
                     So loved.
      You calm my storms and make                                everything okay.

                 Instead of saying,
           I am damaged, I m broken,
                I have trust issues,
                   Say, I m healing,
            I m rediscovering myself,
                  I m starting over!!!

                    When the caterpillar
                Thought the world was over,
                     It became a butterfly.

          Set a clear intention
               to manifest 
                    your desires 
                         or something 
                               even better

                  Difficult roads often, 
                     Lead to beautiful 


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