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Download Anniversary Quotes August 2020

               Best Anniversary Quotes

                 Happy Anniversary!!!😄
              No words can express the 
                    Love I have for you..
                 I am so thankful having
              You as my life partner...!!

                       May you marriage 
                    Be blessed with love,
                    Joy and companionship 
                 for all the years of your lives.

                 I wish you a very happy 
                   wedding  Anniversary.
                Keeps the candle burning
                   Happy Anniversary!!!

                Sweet heart,
                    I love you....
                            More than
                                      Word can pay...

Happy Anniversary to my darling,
I love you for your thoughtfulness.
You understanding way
And for the countless little things
You do for me each day...
I love you for the hopes and dreams
You have helped to make come true
But most of all I Love you
Just for being you..

 To my wonderful husband who has shown me what love really is,
Who is the reason for my happy days and the comfort in my sad ones.
Who cheers my success and encourages me in failures.
I am so proud to o be your wife✌️
Love you!!! Happy anniversary!!

      God must have been looking 
            out for me, because he have me 
       The most beautiful Angel as a wife...
   Very Happy Anniversary my dear, 
                I love u so much!!!!

             You are stick with me like glue,
          There is no one else besides you;
For you will always be the apple of my eye,
 I will always love you until the day I die;
          I love you......Happy Anniversary!!!!

           You are truly a blessing from God.
     Thank you for being my Partner,                        Husband, Lover, and Friend.
                   Happy Anniversary!!!

        I am so lucky to have as my husband.
              And this is my best day in my life.            Happy Anniversary to you my dear...

                 Happy Anniversary
              to the most loving couple.
      You both are made for each other
          You both complete each other
             Stay Happy and blessed.
                   Happy Anniversary!!!

              No Greeting card to give,
          No beautiful flowers to send;
          No cute pictures to forward;
            Just a loving heart saying,
           Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

                 Anniversaries are days
                      To decorate
                 The love that makes
                      You marriage great.
            Wishing you still more dreams                         come true,
                             more joy, 
                   more love
                          For both of you...
             Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

      May the lovr you have for one another
           Continue to grow and blossom
                With each passing year;
       Wishing you endless happiness, joy,                 and love on your Anniversary 
                       and  Always!!!!
                 Happy Anniversary!!!!

           Marriage is a lifelong Melody
                  Sung by
            Two hearts completely                                        surrendered
              To love.

           Happy Anniversary
       Enjoy your special day!!!

     Best Wishes to sister and brother-in-law
              You love remain the same
         And you are a wonderful pair.
                  Be happy always.
           May you live long life..
       Happy Anniversary Sister!!!!

 Today is the day, We have to look back.
             For all the happy days
                We spend together.
            Today is the day, 
         We have a Look forward.

               May your special day
                    Be a celebration
               Of where you have been
                Where you are and
              How you are growing
                Together in the Lord!!


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